Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5. Hump Day Heart List

People call it "Hump Day" because after Wednesday the rest of the week is downhill. Here are some pretty (and otherwise bizarre,funny or completely strange) things I am loving right now that'll help you over that hump. 

1. Cat on Two Legs
This video is undeniably hilarious/creepy as hell. One of my co-workers sent it to me yesterday morning and I caught her watching it on repeat several hours later. 

2. Essie Fiji
Kevo and I went to Boston a few weekends ago and I got myself all pampered up before. I had been relying on Essie Ballet Slippers as my go-to spring color, but they were at when I got my last manicure so I tried Fiji (somehow for the first time). UHM HELLO?! Fiji>Ballet Slippers. It covered my nails in 2 coats (I use FOUR with Ballet Slippers) and was the perfect light pink shade. You can't really see it that well in this picture, but trust me - it's pretty. 

Yes, that is an entire lobster. Yes, I ate the entire thing. No regrets.

Better picture here: 

3. Red Wine Sangria
I singlehandedly decided that my boyfriend is having a party at his group house this weekend. I plan on making lots of this stuff, sitting outside on a blanket with one of my best friends and playing yard games with Kevo and his roommates. 

4. This AMAZINGLY Adorable Ring
I've been looking for a dainty rose gold ring for a while. This ring is so cute and subtle and it will go with everything. Did I mention it's only $8?

5. This Blonde Girl
That's my best friend in the whole world, Sarah. Today his her 23rd birthday. This girl has been with me through EVERYTHING. Hap BD, Sar.

We're nearing the weekend, gang!


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