Friday, April 6, 2012

1. I'm Paul, Let's Begin

This blog has been a long time coming, but I'm glad to say it's finally here. 

Let's start with the name. When I started dating my boyfriend last summer, he told me once that he had to leave my house because he was "tiredroni". Since then, the addition of "roni" to emphasis words has worked it's way into my daily vocabulary. 

Very mature, I know. 

But when you find something that works, you stick with it. 

I read a lot of different blogs. I want this one to be a combination of all of the things I read about. I want it to be a blog that i'd love to discover. I'm going to talk about fashion, food, fitness, friends and failure (ohhh so many F's). Those, to me, are the pretty things. Prettyroni. I'll loosely document my work life and my love life. Finally, I'm going to write about the every day stuff that happens in the life of a 20-something and how much red wine I have to drink in order to get through it. 

So, here's a toast. To you, to me, to this blog. I hope that you'll join me. 

Here's to you, here's to me.
Friends forever we shall be.
If we ever disagree, then f$*% you...and here's to me. 



P.S. My name is not PAUL. It's a line from RENT and I just couldn't shake it. Just run with it. 

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