Sunday, April 8, 2012

3. Easter Sunday, Easter and Sunday

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope everyone got a chance to spend time with the people they love today.  I spent the day with friends playing games outside and eating far too much pimento cheese. Now I'm back home doing my Sunday routine. 

In an attempt to keep myself eating better and save some cash, I've become really big on meal planning lately. I spend almost 3 hours every Sunday buying groceries and obsessively preparing all of my meals for the week. 

Here's my standard weekly haul of groceries. 

This is basically what I get every week. Lots of veggies including 3 bags of spinach (I throw nearly a half bag into most meals I make), 2 cartons of mushrooms (cross apply previous half bag statement), quinoa (superfood), apples and bananas, yogurt, and then something that doesn't take any effort to make. This week it was brown rice pre-made sushi. I used to buy the Trader Joe's microwavable salmon packages, but they are packed full of calories and the portions are huge, plus I'm trying to eat fewer microwaveable foods. 

Not pictured is the enormous bag of lemon's I buy religiously once a week. Gotta have that hot lemon water. 

This week I decided that I need to shake my lunch routine up a little bit and decided to make a huge carton of quinoa that I could just section into portions. 

To start, I took all of the left over veggies from last week. This included a few cherry tomatos, some onion, zucchini and a hand full of brussel sprouts. 

I cut those up and sauteed them while I was boiling the quinoa and about 20 minutes later my veggies turned into this:


I topped it off with a little bit of lemon, olive oil and soy sauce (for extra flavor), threw in the quinoa and packed it all together in a big container for easy access throughout the week. 

I cannot put into words how much I love taking the time to prepare food for the week on the weekends. It's seriously relaxing. 

Welp, it's about time to get back to my work computer and get a jump start on this weeks craziness! By that I mean I need to finish up 3 memos because Kevo is getting back into town and I miss him ;-)

Have a great Sunday night!


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