Wednesday, December 5, 2012

14. Blue Print Cleanse...The Prequel

Oh, guess what? I'm alive. And back. 

As a way to slip back into this blog, today I'm going to start documenting my week doing the Blue Print Cleanse. I'm starting with the 6-juice-a-day Renovation Cleanse on Saturday. Little did I know, it's really important to prep your body before committing to the juice. 

Here's why I'm doing it:
My BFFL/workout partner Elise did BPC a few months ago and loved it. She said it totally reset her cravings and gave her a good jump start on re-focusing her eating. This is why I want to do it. I'm not looking to starve myself or even lose weight. If I was looking to lose weight - this would be the worst way to do it. I'm doing the juice cleanse to start my body fresh and set me on a path to eating better and taking better care of my body. 

I've read almost 25 reviews of this cleanse and everyone says the same thing: it's tough, but it makes you feel amazing. I'm looking for more energy, a healthy glow and a reset button for my body. 

So here goes nothing. Below the jump is my hilarious conversation with Elise about how to prep for this. I'll post on my prep for today later tonight. 

  • This convo starts when Elise sent me the following article about BPC: 
  • Elise 

    she writes like you I think.
    • Annie 

      i was just thinking
      "i would write this"
      maybe i'll live blog this experience
      • Elise 

        a 3-day live blog? that would be different. but you could revive your blog for this!
        • Annie 

          well maybe not completely live
          but this shall be documented
          this really is a lot of sugar
          is this the worst idea in history?
          • Elise 

            no she didn't drink the green juices
            • Annie

              that's true. that's stupid.
              one cannot make it on spicy lemonade alone!
              • Elise 

                the green ones balance things out, but it is a lot of sugar. you get giddy. but it's good sugars, all natural sugars.
                and you get lots of fiber and some protein to balance it out
                what level are you doing?
                • Annie

                  i am doing the renovation
                  should i work out on this? will that cause me to die?
                  i will not work out on this.
                  i've decided.
                  • Elise 

                    don't do anything strenuous. I wouldn't run. I did yoga though.
                    • Annie 

                      well i think you and i both know i won't be going back to yoga.
                      i'm not a barbie, i can't bend. it's nearly embarassing.
                      almost as embarrassing as not being able to spell embarrassing
                      • Elise 

                        maybe get sarah to send you a good youtube video and do some easy things in your room
                        • Annie

                          i'd judge myself.
                          • Elise 
                            on this cleanse...just leave time for sleeping!
                          • otherwise you will totally snack.
                            • Annie 

                              i shant be snacking
                              • Elise 

                                I ate half a cucumber on mine, I could not resist. I think it was day 2 and I was miserable.
                                • Annie 

                                  yeah i have a feeling im gonna die
                                  i'm gonna go super vegan with one small exception this week
                                  it's my bosses last day tomorrow and i made a blueberry graham cracker cake
                                  • Elise 

                                    good for you! you get it girl. are you doing this for any special occasion or just before the holidays in general?
                                    • Annie 

                                      just trying to jump start
                                      i need to get back into this
                                      • Elise

                                        I know, it's just such a hard time, people keep having parties and food-centered get together.
                                        • Annie 

                                          and i have an excuse to be a recluse this weekend
                                          so it'll be good
                                          hopefully I don't die.

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