Wednesday, December 5, 2012

15. Day One of BPC Prep

I admittedly did a poor job today. 

I blame my boss. He left for a new job today and we had a dessert celebration that I completely facilitated singlehandedly even knowing I was supposed to prepare for the cleanse.  The few days before you do the cleanse, BPC recommends that you cut back on meat, dairy, all processed foods and basically go vegan and drink a ridiculous amount of water. 

Here's what I did today to prep - 

Morning - Normally I chug at least 2 travel mugs full of black coffee before I can function like a normal being, but BPC says no caffeine. So coffee was out, but they do allow green tea. Now that I think of it, they probably mean the no-caffeine variety, oops. ANYWAY, I started off my morning with a warm mug of water with fresh lemon and a green tea on the way to work. I also downed a banana before I walked out the door. BPC recommends that you stick to just fruit in the few mornings before the cleanse starts. When I got to work I had another green tea and a bottle of water. Around 9:30 I had blackberries and raspberries. 

Mid-Day - Unfortunately people in my office hadn't had breakfast so the dessert (it was blueberry!) came early and I had two pieces of the best graham cracker blueberry treat I've ever made. Whoooops. 

Lunch - Another big bottle of water and this MONSTER SALAD full of mixed greens, tomato, avocado, cucumber and edemame. So big. This took me almost an hour to eat. 

Post-Lunch - I did not have more of the graham cracker dessert. 

Yes I did. 

Dinner - Cucumber salad with vinegar dressing and a half of a whole wheat tortilla. I probably shouldn't have had this, but so be it. 

Tune in tomorrow to see what day #2 of prep is like!


14. Blue Print Cleanse...The Prequel

Oh, guess what? I'm alive. And back. 

As a way to slip back into this blog, today I'm going to start documenting my week doing the Blue Print Cleanse. I'm starting with the 6-juice-a-day Renovation Cleanse on Saturday. Little did I know, it's really important to prep your body before committing to the juice. 

Here's why I'm doing it:
My BFFL/workout partner Elise did BPC a few months ago and loved it. She said it totally reset her cravings and gave her a good jump start on re-focusing her eating. This is why I want to do it. I'm not looking to starve myself or even lose weight. If I was looking to lose weight - this would be the worst way to do it. I'm doing the juice cleanse to start my body fresh and set me on a path to eating better and taking better care of my body. 

I've read almost 25 reviews of this cleanse and everyone says the same thing: it's tough, but it makes you feel amazing. I'm looking for more energy, a healthy glow and a reset button for my body. 

So here goes nothing. Below the jump is my hilarious conversation with Elise about how to prep for this. I'll post on my prep for today later tonight.