Sunday, April 15, 2012

4. Perfect Week

Remember that time that my life was insane and I didn't have time to blog? Me too. It was last week. 

I've ended my week-long craziness with a relaxing weekend weekend 1-credit class for my Master's program. Gag me. I've been in class starting at 9am, which means I didn't get any time to catch up on sleep this weekend, but there is free coffee so I'm staying positive. 

We got let out pretty early for lunch so I enjoyed the rest of my quinoa (from last week!) and an apple outside on the quad to soak up the beautiful weather. I really don't spend enough time outside. Must add to to-do list. 

Zoning out in class has really allowed me to think about how I need to start dealing with crazy weeks. I know all it needs is planning, organization and lots of sleep...but somehow I never seem to get there. 

But this week will be different:

Here's a blast from the past and my new mantra for the week.

Please watch this video. I like to think I'm best represented around 1:13. 

I'm publicly stating that this week will be my PERFECT week. Here's what it entails:

1. Meal Planning
This is probably the thing I do the worst at. Meal planning helps me eat better and save money. I'm thinking about pre-making all of my lunches tonight and storing them in tupperware for easy access in the morning...but tupperware takes up more room than we have in our fridge. I'll update on this attempt later. 

2. Getting Enough Sleep
Oh Lord. I do not sleep enough and I do not have good sleeping habits. Because I'm constantly stressed out, my brain doesn't turn off at night. In order to actually clear my mind of the 1,000 things going through it, I have to pre-occupy myself by watching something mindless on TV. Eventually, I will fall asleep but it takes longer because of the mental stimulation. To remedy this, I'm going to read a book EVERY night this week (right now I'm reading: A Place of Yes by Bethany Frankel (LOVE her). If I can't focus because my mind is racing, I'm putting a notebook next to my bed so I can transfer my thoughts to paper rather than laying awake worrying all night. 

3. Completing Morning and Evening Routines
Why is this so hard? No one knows. I'm usually really good at completing my morning routine, but this week I'm adding 3 morning workouts. Oddly enough if I'm able to get up and get into the gym, the rest of the morning is seamless because I always have time to fit everything in (having a good breakfast, packing my lunch, getting coffee and tea, picking out clothes, making my bed). My evening routine falls to the wayside 75% of the time though. This week I resolve to do a 10-minute cleaning spree of my room, make a to-do list for the following day, put my clothes out for the morning and go through my hygienic routine (will post this later). 

4. Being Productive
This is self-explanatory. I need to be productive at work so that I'm only at the office from 9-6. I need to be productive at home so I can tackle my post-work to-do list and have time for the rest of my evening and morning tasks. My lack of productivity is a major source for the lack of organization that leads to my stress. I will be productive. I will be productive. I will be productive.  

5. Not Sweating the Small Stuff 
My job is stressful. My family is stressful. My roommates are stressful. School is stressful and at times even my relationship is stressful. But there are things to worry about and things to dismiss. This week I'm going to keep the "Oprah" method in mind while facing obstacles in any of the previously stated areas. The Oprah method (which a good friend of mine learned from watching her show once) is thinking about problems in terms of the length of time they will matter. They are either day problems, week problems, month problems or year problems. Anything that won't be effecting me in a day or week, I will fix and move on. 

This is my perfect week - what is yours?


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