Friday, May 4, 2012

7. Why I Love Intervals

I don't know about you, but I am incredibly ADD at the gym. I cannot handle doing one task for a long time and I end up getting frustrated and bored and then usually leave the gym before I finish my intended workout. But last week, my favorite spin instructor told our class that interval training is not only one of the best things you can do for your body, but also one of the best ways to lose weight. 

After she mentioned this to us, I spent some time reading different bloggers and other information that I could find and everything supported this notion. Intervals burn more fat and are great for your body. 

Here is my favorite interval workout:

AG Interval FUN
Time: 40 minutes
Machine: Treadmill

Minutes 1-3: Walk at 3.5mph, taking long strides to stretch legs
Minutes 3-5: Run at 6.5mph for to get heart rate up
Minutes 5-5:45: SPRINT at 8.2mph*
Minutes 5:45-7: Walk fast at 4mph
Minutes 5-15: REPEAT INTERVAL!
Minutes 15-16: Walk at 3.5mph
Minutes 16-21: Walk at 4mph on 15% incline
Minutes 21-23: Walk at 4mph without an incline
Minutes 23-30: REPEAT INTERVAL!
Minutes 30-32: Walk at 4mph
Minutes 32-34: Run at 6mph at 9% incline
Minutes 34-36: Walk at 4mph
Minutes 36-38: Run at 6mph at 9% incline
Minutes 38-40: Walk at 3.5 and COOL DOWN

I have this printed out and keep it on the treadmill with me. It is the perfect workout if you're looking to shed some pounds and speed up a workout. This is 10x LESS painless than running at a constant pace for 40 minutes. 

Quick note: Go at your own pace. When I started committing a lot of time toward my health this past January, I was doing this much slower. My warm up run was around 5.7mph depending on the day and my sprint was 7mph. Do what feels right and watch yourself get stronger and faster. 

Time to hit the gym!


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